Andy’s Rundown of 5/23 Canadian eRacing Challenge at Mosport with Audi RS8 LMS

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Canadian eRacing challenge 
Saturday May 23rd 9:20 pm Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
Audi GT3 

With tracks opening up in Canada this past weekend the turn out for round 4 of the series wasn’t as full as previous weeks. It was an opportunity to take advantage of. Twoth Autosport team was at Calabogie and wasn’t able to make it back in time for the race.

We jumped into the practice session at 8 pm without turning a lap all week. The good news is I’ve lapped CTMP in my 911 in real life and getting up to speed didn’t take much time. I made a shock adjustment to the rear to soften them up to counter the oversteer mid corner. The car was not compliant with the bumps in the high speed corners.

I qualified 6th on the grid. My Twoth teammate Bill Swyers qualified 5th. This was another Mercedes dominated race with the top 5 spots going to the Merc. The Audi was comfortable with fresh tires and light fuel load and I was able to find quite a bit of time compared to the practice session.

The start of the race is always a tricky one, especially turn 2 at CTMP. If you miss wide right your race is over as you hit grass and eventually a tire wall. Everyone made it clean thru the few turns. There was a racing incident with the leader at turn 7 on lap one which I slowed for and this allowed two cars to pass me going thru 8/9/10. After lap one was still in 6th. On lap two at turn 7 the two cars that passed me one lap earlier collided and allowed me to pass them back. As I got thru corner 9, one car coming back on track hit the two cars behind me giving me a 7 second lead to the 5th place car.

Not much action the rest of the way. As the tires wore on the Audi, the car became less stable and my lap times suffered allowing the car behind to catch me. We battled for a few laps but he was not able to overtake as I drove a defensive line and finished in 4th on the night.

With the 4th place finish in the race, I finished 4th in the series points and first for the Audi GT3 entries. The top three spots went to the Mercedes.
We are looking forward to continuing our sim racing with an announcement later this week.

Stay tuned!